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Dinarys Iron PM by Alex Sharko



Session 0 

    Intro to the course
    Intro to format
    Iron PM concept

Session 1-4

    Intro to BA for PMs
    SA role During Discovery
    Requirements mangement principles
    How to sell SA

Session 5-8 

    Estimation 1
    WBS, approaches, format
    Estimation 2
    Selling estimates
    Risks assesment
    Project planning and start
    DevOps for PMs
    infrastructure and flows

Session 9-12

    Project coordination Communication with client
    Expectation management
    People management
    Testing for PMs (process, management, integration to planning and delivery)
    Acceptance and upsell

Session 13-16 

    Intro to metrics
    Defining metrics for project needs
    Data collectionand evaluation
    Review, adjustment, re-implementation, ROI
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    1 day workshop
    "Testing for PMs"

About Dinarys

Dinarys is a reliable e-commerce company, a certified Adobe, Magento, and Shopware Solution partner. We provide high-grade Digital Commerce Solutions: from idea to realization.

As a global commerce partner, Dinarys works only with proven technologies, which help us address specific business needs comprehensively.

Dinarys specializes in top-performing e-commerce platforms: Magento, Shopware, Spryker, SFCC, and frameworks: Laravel, Yii as well as frontend operations.

Our diverse expertise includes plenty of business domains, like marketplaces, real estate, food delivery, healthcare, fintech, recruitment systems, etc. Currently, we are mostly focused on B2B and B2B2C markets of the DACH region and the United States.

Dinarys is a tight-knit team of adventurous e-commerce players, where everyone pursues mutual support and complementarity values.

We not only hear but listen to people, reflecting and unleashing their potential and sharpening each expertise individually.

Dinarys Iron PM by Alex Sharko


About the course

Iron PM is the concept of 10 project management disciplines that makes you a universal professional capable to initiate, start, control and handle all goals and challenges that may appear during the project life cycle.

This course was created specifically to increase the capabilities, skills and tool set of people who already have some experience managing the projects, but are willing to grow as professionals.

And for those who just start this stage of their professional journey and would like to start with a good set of "right" and diverse tools and knowledge

Who will be interested?

You don’t work in IT

You don’t work in IT, but you still strive to learn more about the new profession and become a project manager.

You work in IT

You work in IT and you want to deepen your expertise with project management skills, so you could better understand clients’ needs.

You are almost a PM

You are completely aware of the terms project, stakeholder, Scrum, Agile, Kanban.

The course program

  • 1 What really makes strong PM?

    PM role in company/project/product lifecycle, 10 disciplines of strong PM; 

  • 2 Communication

    PM communication w/team and client

  • 3 Requirements management basics

    Documentation set, process, consistency control, relationship management

  • 4 Requirements management 2 weeks course

    4 workshop sessions (1 hr each) + homeworks + homework demo day
    1) BA
    2) SA role during Discovery
    3) How to sell SA
    4) SA role during and after project

  • 5 Estimation process

    Procedure to run the estimate together with the team, estimation methods, challanges, risks assesment approach; Estimation selling: common objections, " we are the experts" approach; Estimation practice, Risks assesment

  • 6 Planning

    Building realistic, reasonable project plan; Following plan; controlling budget and timeline; CPI, SPI (schedule performance index) metrics; Planning practice

  • 7 Project coordination

    Running the project, routines, core visibility, risks management; work with remote devs, distributed teams, freelancers

  • 8 Testing

    Test documentation, Requirements testing, test procedures, performance test, load tests; managing regression and technical debt

  • 9 Testing process setup mini-course

    2 trainers, 4 workshops + homework

  • 10 Core PM metrics

    Performance, Quality, Supportability core metrics of the project; Example of calculation integration to the process

  • 11 Metrics integration DoJo

    2 workshops, 2 practice sessions integrating metrics to the dev process of specific real project

  • 12 Project acceptance

    Recap on Formal acceptance, preparation, control, acceptance; next steps

  • 13 DevOps basics

    Organizing work with best DevOps practices, features toggling, CI and CD, monitoring, alerts, magic of application logs

  • 14 People hiring and motivation

    When to hire, who to hire, recruitment profiles, interview, people integration, personal goals, motivation management

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Alexander Sharko

CEO at Bicovery, COO Archer Software

13 years of unique experience in serving in key project management positions. The experience of selling the company to a large international group Alten Group. Construction and development of own product Bicovery - Machine Learning system for people with bipolar disorder.

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